Timothy Andrew McIntosh’s scripts have been awarded and performed across the country. As a playwright, he has won multiple commissions and awards. He is a produced screenwriter and has written for some of the most successful non- and for-profits businesses in the world. As a professional speechwriter, his scripts have center-pieced multi-million dollar fundraising events.



Edith President of the United States poster.jpg

Summary: Edith Galt is ready to settle into society life when a friend tells her that President Woodrow Wilson wants to meet her. As the president pursues her, Edith is torn. She loves the president, but bristles against the traditional role of wife. They marry but when the president suffers a stroke, Edith must face her fears in order to play a vital role on the world stage. —A historical drama based on real events.

GENRE: Drama.

SETTING: Washington, D.C., 1915

CAST: 2w, 1m

PRODUCTION: First reading held at Macha Theatre Works, Seattle, WA, on May 2019.

SUMMARY: This murder mystery one-act play tells the story of an earnest nun who swaps hearts with a destitute woman in a risky surgery only to discover a crime has infiltrated her convent.

GENRE: Drama.

SETTING: A convent. The present.

CAST: 4w


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SUMMARY: After a mysterious yearlong absence, Søren Kierkegaard emerges from hiding. While appearing to celebrate society and the Danish church, Kierkegaard pursues a secret plan to sabotage both. But his plan stumbles when he falls in love with the bright, young Regina Olsen. As his love for Regina deepens, Denmark's pastors align against his message and Kierkegaard forced into a choice: Preserve those he loves or follow God's calling. As the dangers sharpen, friends choose sides. Kierkegaard realizes his decision will destroy his relationship and ultimately demand his life. —Based on the life of Søren Kierkegaard, one of the most powerful writers of the 19th century and among the most influential in the modern world.

GENRE: Drama.

SETTING: Set in Copenhagen, Denmark, 1850-55. 

STAGING:  Changes of locations shown through music, lighting, and light scrims. 

CAST: 6m, 3f


SUMMARY: Alex is an unflinching idealist. Posters of his musical heroes — Johnny Cash, Tupac Shakur, Patti Smith — hang on the wall of his studio, judging the shallow sounds of modern music.

Like his heroes, Alex refuses the crass hype, posturing, and marketing that swirls around today's scene. Everyone else might sell out, but not Alex. Trouble is, he's in love with CJ Hudson who is either the shallowest or craftiest performer in the industry. Alex's idealism is put to the test when CJ arrives at his studio with Alex’s arch-enemy and a band of flattering suitors. The battle that follows threatens Alex’s heart, CJ’s talent, and an entire industry coasting on the fumes of mediocrity.

P.R. is a contemporary pop-opera based on Moliere’s classic 17th century comedy.

GENRE: Musica/comedy.

SETTING: A music studio in an large American city. Today.

CAST: 5m, 2f -- or 4 m, 3f

Socrates poster.jpg

SUMMARY: Imagine Socrates on trial in modern America. In pursuit of the truth, Socrates argues with Democrats, Republicans, business tycoons, and Hollywood. Would he die again of hemlock, be condemned to social media purgatory, or become an afternoon talk-show host?

GENRE: Dramedy.

SETTING: A skyscraped American city.

CAST: 3m, 2f

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SUMMARY: When Bradley runs off with his Brazilian bikini model, cooking-show host Betty invites philosophers to her set, hoping they will make sense of why her husband left.

The philosophers explain their principles using blenders, spices, and plenty of flour. But as Betty faces into her broken marriage, the show careens toward postmodern madness. Bradley returns, hoping to reconcile. Will Betty take him back?

GENRE: Comedy.

SETTING: A TV cooking show stage. The present.

CAST: 2m, 3w